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4 Common Causes Of Water Damage in Phoenix Arizona

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water damage restoration Water can cause serious damage to your home. In fact, water can easily cause hundreds of dollars of damage to your home. Fortunately, if you know the top causes of water damage, then you will know what you can do to prevent it. Not only are these some of the common issues and causes of mold, floods, and water damage we are the local experts in the Phoenix, AZ metro area for all of your Water Damage, Flood Damage, and mold removal needs.

Water Damage Phoenix – Same Day Emergency Water Damage Restoration Services

Having trouble with water damage or mold it could be some of these issues we can help you with. Call us today at 480-309-2524 for a Free Estimate and we can work with your homeowners insurance company as well since we have several relationships with them in Phoenix AZ already

Water Damage Toilet Leaks

If a toilet leaks, then it can ruin walls and floors. There is a simple way that you can check to see if your toilet is leaking. You will need to take off the toilet lid. After that, you will need to drop a dye tablet in the tank. Put the lid back on the toilet and wait 10 to 15 minutes. Take the lid off of the toilet and look at the water. If there is colored water in the tank, then the toilet is leaking.

Toilet leaks will only get worse over time. That is why if you will need to get it repaired as soon as possible.

Water Damage Sewage Backup

Tree roots can clog the drain lines. You may notice a foul stench coming from the drains, slow draining tubs and water backing up in the shower or sink are signs that you have a sewage backup. Plumbing maintenance is one of the best things that can be done to prevent a sewage backup.

Garbage Disposal (Under the Sink) Water Damage

A malfunctioning garbage disposal can cause a number of issues. If your garbage disposal leaks, then it can release food and dirty water into your home. You will need to have your garbage disposal repaired or replaced if this happens.

Flash Flooding Water Damage 

Flash flooding occurs when rivers and creeks overflow due to a severe thunderstorm, heavy rain, tropical storm or hurricane. Unlike many other types of water damage, there is no way to prevent flash flooding. Furthermore, flash flooding can occur in areas that are not prone to flooding.

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