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3 Typical Causes Of Arizona Home Fires

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If there is one thing most people do regarding their homes, it is to take all available precautions against starting a fire. In many cases, even small fires can do significant damage to a home, leading to extensive cleanup efforts. While there are many reasons why residential fires take place, the sad fact is that most fires can be prevented by homeowners. As to why Arizona homes catch fire, here are some of the most common reasons.

Kitchen Fires
When many people are cooking, they leave items on the stove unattended while doing other things in various parts of their home. However, forgetting about something on the stove or in the oven can quickly lead to a fire that gets out of control. Therefore, it’s always best to stay in your kitchen while cooking and leave nothing to chance.

Clothes Dryer
While a clothes dryer is one appliance that offers tremendous convenience, it is also one of the most likely sources of a home fire. Since these appliances collect large amounts of lint in their traps, the lint can eventually catch fire if it is not removed from the dryer’s lint filter on a regular basis. Like kitchen fires, dryers are often left unattended by homeowners, allowing these fires to spread quickly.

Despite warnings from experts to never smoke while in bed, many people still do so or while sitting on a couch watching television. In these situations, all it takes is a few ashes being dropped on a mattress or cushion or a cigarette falling out of a person’s hand after they go to sleep to create a fire that can have devastating consequences.

If you and your home are now dealing with the aftereffects of a fire, you need fire and smoke damage restoration experts on the scene as soon as possible. Therefore, contact us here at Rocky Mountain Restoration. With our many years of experience, cutting-edge restoration equipment and techniques, and 24/7 emergency service, you can count on us to help you during a difficult time. To contact us, call us 24/7 at 480-309-2524.

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