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3 Reasons to Use a Restoration Company to Dispose of Fire and Flood Waste Materials

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Home and business owners often believe that they can save time and money by renting a dump truck or roll-off dumpster to dispose of waste materials after a fire or flood. Yet, these types of disposal methods can actually cost you a lot more in relation to both in the long run. Consider the following:

These Materials are Designated Toxic Waste

Fires and floods create and spread hazardous chemicals throughout affected areas. Smoke contains toxins that can be absorbed by many porous building materials even when those materials are nowhere near the fire zone. Flood waters often contain toxic chemicals and sewage. They can create an environment at a site that allows harmful bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms to flourish on surfaces.

Special Disposal Requirements Typically Exist

Landfills don’t normally accept this type of waste. Many non-restoration disposal companies also won’t accept these materials because they can potentially damage trucks and dumpsters and even harm workers. For example, if you dispose of hot ashes or materials soaked in chemicals that automatically ignite under certain conditions, nearby items can catch fire. If rental company workers are unaware of the fact that materials are from a fire or flood site, they might improperly handle the waste and become ill from exposure to toxins.

Damage Restoration Companies Offer Disposal Services

The technicians who work for emergency restoration companies are experts in their field. They have the training and certifications necessary to dispose of these waste materials properly. Top firms usually include disposal as part of their cleanup services. Additionally, since insurance companies often pay for restoration work after a fire or flood, you don’t have to worry about paying extra money to clear your home or business site of debris.

At Rocky Mountain Restoration, we provide our clients in Phoenix and across the Valley with useful tips whenever possible to help make their experience after a fire or flood less traumatic. We are here 24/7 to help you reduce the headaches and hassles related to rebuilding after an emergency event. For more information or to schedule an assessment of a site, contact us today.

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