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3 Places to Check if You Think You Have a Water Damage Issue

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Dylan - Emergency Services Manager When they think about water damage, many people envision a heavy rainstorm that causes flooding (like during Monsoon season in Arizona). However, such events are rare, especially in the Phoenix area. You are much more likely to encounter water damage from a source inside your home.

Here are some of the most common things that are likely to produce water damage in your home.

A leaky toilet
Your toilet can be a source of hidden water leaks that can cause a lot of water damage in your bathroom. How many times have you seen someone rip up a bathroom floor only to find that the sub-floor around the toilet is rotting. It’s important to check your toilet for leaks periodically. Feel around the base of the toilet to make sure it does not feel wet or damp. Also listen closely to ensure you don’t hear any dripping sounds that might indicate a leak.

Poorly sealed tub and shower
No matter how hard you try not to, you are likely to get some water on the floor around your tub and shower when you bathe. This is usually not that big of a problem as long as you clean it up right away. However, it can become a problem if your tub and shower are not sealed well. If you don’t have good sealing along the floor of your tub and shower, water can seep underneath your flooring before you have a chance to clean it up, and over time, that small amount of water can build up and cause damage.

Burst pipes
Pipes bursting is a rare event, but if it does happen, it can cause tremendous damage. Pipes usually burst because they freeze, which builds up tremendous pressure. To prevent this from happening, make sure your pipes are properly insulated, especially ones that are in crawl spaces or exterior walls.

Taking some precautions inside your home is the best way to prevent water damage. If you do suspect water damage despite your best efforts, call the experts at Rocky Mountain Restoration.

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