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3 Important Facts About Assisted Living Facilities Energy Effeciency

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Asstd Living For commercial buildings, the best energy efficiency is imperative, and it can be relatively simple in assisted living and medical facilities. Obviously, there is a demand for comfort and care, but there are also budgetary concerns to consider, income goals for the property or business, and long term plans to meet. Nursing Home and Assisted Living facilities are especially important when speaking about energy efficiency because the money that is spent there can have an immediate influence on the quality of life for the occupants of that facility.



  1. Facilities that lose money through excessive utility costs make up the difference someplace else. These costs don’t exist in a vacuum: if utility costs are too high, it means there will be quality of life cuts, safety cuts, staff cuts, or just general cost cutting measures having a significant impact on both the employees of the facility and those that rely on it for their day to day living experience. You are throwing away money that could be more wisely invested in other areas that may have direct benefits for all parties involved if your facility isn’t energy Energy Star efficient,
  2. Receiving recognition and avoiding fines are the added benefits of meeting energy and safety standards. Regulatory requirements in assisted living and nursing home facilities have an understandably strict set of expectations. Failing to meet those regulations could result in costly fines and penalties.
  3. A higher standard means higher income and profit, reduced illness of residents, and higher value overall. When we talk about energy efficiency standards, we’re also addressing key areas such as proper lighting, proper wiring, and overall improvements to safety and quality of the facilities. Improving your efficiency can even mean updating the flooring and windows of a facility, which in turn can improve insulation, thus cutting down on your energy costs while providing greater  environmental comforts. Often people equate cheap with “making CFL Bulbs more money,” but the opposite is really true.There’s no doubt that improving your efficiency will have direct short and long term results that are quite tangible when you’re reviewing your monthly and annual costs per your operating budget, but what are some of the real world executions of an energy efficiency plan?
  • A cleaner, safer and healthier environment.
  • Improvements to your HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems.
  • Repair or replacement of windows and doors, as well as upgraded insulation.
  • Enhanced safety measures and installations for residents that really do save money in the long run.

It is very possible to give your residents more while paying less, by focusing on energy efficiency. Even additional safety features ultimately return a good ROI. When you compare the costs of Garden Path becoming energy efficient against those of continuing to lose money on utility costs, it’s easy to consider which option makes more sense. Take the time to consider how many additional residents you may be able to attract to an assisted living / elder care facility that has upgraded lighting, electrical systems, heating and cooling systems, and more, and you will see where there’s actually good profit potential in these cost-cutting measures. For the best strategy on energy efficiency, work with a skilled contractor that has experience in providing on-budget, effective solutions.

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