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3 Common Causes of Mold

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dangers of mold Mold isn’t something most people in the Phoenix area think about because of the dry climate and lack of rain. But you don’t need to live somewhere it rains a lot to be at risk for mold. Here are some of the common causes of mold and what you should do about them.

Of course, one of the top causes of mold is flooding. This can be from an exterior flood from a large rainstorm, but in Phoenix, flooding in your home is more likely to come from an inside source such as a burst pipe. If you experience water infiltration in your home, mold is almost a given if you don’t clean up properly. If you get enough water in your home that it seeps into walls and flooring, it’s a good idea to hire a professional to do cleanup and mold remediation.

Water leaks
Another cause of mold in the home is water leaks, usually from hidden pipes. When you don’t know you have a water problem because it is hidden behind a wall, it’s much more likely that you will wind up with mold. Be on the lookout for any signs of potential water damage, such as a discolored spot on ceilings, walls or hard surface flooring. Also pay attention for the sound or dripping or running water in your walls or floors.

Humidity is not something Phoenix residents think about much, but high humidity inside your home can be a real attraction for mold. If you run a humidifier, you need to clean it often and also move it around in your home so it isn’t always running in the same spot. You also want to ensure that you have good ventilation in your bathrooms. You should have an exhaust fan that vents outside your home, and you want to ensure you run it each time you shower or take a bath.

If you find signs of mold in your home or if you need cleanup after water infiltration, call the experts at Rocky Mountain Restoration at 480-309-2524

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