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10 Ways to Prevent Water Damage in Your Bathroom

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Bathroom trips are inevitable, and showering is an essential part of our lives. Since water frequently runs in your bathroom, it is predestined for your walls to get water damage if you don’t take good care of them. Water damage may not sound so bad until you get mold issues or structural problems that would need repair.

To prevent your bathroom walls from water damage; follow these ten useful tips.

1. Check for leak signs regularly– It is quite manageable to detect leaks in your bathroom walls. You can do this by checking for discoloration on your walls or your floors. Check if any areas on your walls are softer than others. You can also look for vanities to ensure there are no leaks in your sink tap.

2. Repair damaged and missing tiles– broken and missing tiles allow water to seep in behind your walls and floors, and this may lead to problematic molds over time. Repair your tiles and ensure to prevent caulking on the sinks, tubs and showers.

3. Test your toilet valves, showers and sink valves– doing this ensure that they work correctly. you can also look for wetness around them to detect leaks

4. Upgrade your fixtures-this helps prevent water damage and save water

5. Use your exhaust fan– for every time you shower, ensure that you use the fan to remove excess moisture in the air to prevent mold growth and bubbly drywall.

6. Prevent toilet overflow– ensuring you are mindful of what enters your toilet. Avoid flashing items like sanitary towels and diapers, which may lead to clogging.

7. Fully drain your shower or tub– after taking your refreshing bath, drain the water from your shower completely to prevent damage from sitting water.

8. Use bathmats on your floor– bathmats minimize the risk of excess water building up outside your shower; this is essential to prevent water damage.

9. Monitor your kids in the bathroom– seeing your young ones play with water is cute, but it is vital to minimize the splashing. It will also save you the extra work.

10. Shut off the water supply during vacations– when leaving the house on the weekends or just a fortnight, shutting your water supply prevents catastrophic problems like burst pipes.

Water damages are a stressful ordeal, but by putting these steps into consideration, you can protect your bathroom for a long time. If you need further help with water damage in a bathroom contact our experts for a free estimate.

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